February: Navigating the Inner Journey


Discussion Lead:
Maxine Hanks

Friday, February 7, 2014, 7:30 pm

Mark and Elizabeth England’s Home
1194 S 500 E | Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Travel with Maxine as she leaves and returns to the the LDS Church working through faith, history, authority, and gender equality issues. Maxine Hanks was one of the Mormon “September Six” in 1993, afterward studying Christian liturgy and clergy formation since 1996, also serving in interfaith ministry and chaplaincy since 1999. She returned to LDS Church membership in 2012.

Maxine lectures and writes on Mormon studies and women’s studies in religion. Her work focuses on gender in Mormonism and in Christianity, and explores other themes in Mormon studies and religious studies. She was a visiting fellow at Harvard Divinity School, and a research fellow with the Utah Humanities Council. She has lectured at the University of Utah, and guest lectured at Utah Valley U., Salt Lake Community College, Weber State U., Harvard Divinity School, and Claremont Grad. U. Her first book, Women and Authority, excavated Mormon feminist history, theology, discourse, and women’s authority. Subsequent books include Mormon Faith in America, and Getting Together With Yesterday. Her essays appear in anthologies such as Religion in America (2005), Secrets of Mary Magdalene (2006), and Latter-day Dissent (2011), among others.

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