Doubt, Resolutions, and the Big Three Ideals

Jon Ogden, author of When Mormons Doubt, will speak about how the ancient framework of truth, beauty, and goodness can help us navigate religious doubts and set resolutions for a new year.


Friday, January 6, 2017, 7:30-9:30 pm


Home of Elizabeth and Mark England
1194 S. 500 E., SLC, UT

Please come in the back door if you arrive late. 

The Discussion: 

Come, hopefully having explored one of the resources that Jon has recommended, so that we can fruitfully discuss what’s in our hearts and minds in this safe space.  


About Jon Ogden: 

Jon has a BA and an MA from Brigham Young University, where he studied methods of civil discourse. He is the author of When Mormons Doubt

Jon wrote When Mormons Doubt primarily because he knew his relationship with Mormonism was evolving, and wanted to find something firm to hold onto in the process and beyond. He was especially concerned about giving his kids something to hold onto. As Jon researched the ancient framework of truth, beauty, and goodness, he realized it worked well as a way to carve out common ground between Mormons and former Mormons alike.

“The one thing I kept thinking about as I wrote was that I wanted to write the book I wish I’d had 5 years ago when I faced a faith crisis.”

Resources to explore:

Mormon Matters podcast (feat. Jeralee Renshaw and Kim Puzey)
SLTribune Op-Ed: Belief in ‘Sad Heaven’ Hurts Relationships in Era of Mormon Doubt
Utah is divided by belief, but this ancient framework can help us close the gap

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