Advancing Gender Balance in the LDS Church by Harnessing the Power of Art & Storytelling

Girls_Who_Choose_God_cover“Where are the women?” 3 year-old Simone asked her mom, Bethany, while reading LDS scriptures with her family. Bethany embarked on a journey to help her three daughters answer this question and to help others hear more of women’s voices and learn from their courageous examples.



Thursday, Octobrer 2, 2014   7-9 pm


Home of Elizabeth and Mark England

1194 S. 500 E., SLC, UT

Thanks to Tiffany Ivins Spence for engaging and arranging these stellar dialogue leaders as well as providing this introduction.

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Bethany Brady Spalding (Virginia) & McArthur Krishna (India) along with artist Kathy Peterson (Spring City) will discuss the process and challenges to address the paucity of resources reflecting female voices in our faith.


These guest authors carved out a bit of time for us (between book signing & speaking gigs) as part of the release of their ground-breaking book Girls Who Choose God.

Celebrating bold women who make difficult choices, the authors of this book (which draws from the Bible) and future volumes (which draw from other scriptures) aim to:

  • Provide strong spiritual role models for girls;
  • Illustrate how female leadership historically can motivate us to be powerful leaders today (not only as moms, but as prophetesses, judges, generals, social justice advocates & endless other roles & to be a force for good in the world);
  • Raise generations of girls & boys who view themselves as spiritual equals;
  • Include women’s perspectives in LDS leadership & decision-making at all levels of the church;
  • Promote dialogue about our Heavenly Mother co-leading with Heavenly Father.

All proceeds of this book are donated to help educate and empower girls & women across the world through Interweave Solutions. Dr. Lynn Curtis (Founder & Director) will also attend and share a few snapshots of those who are supported by the authors and readers of this book.

Here are a few teasers:

P.S. If you arrive late, please use the back door to enter.