Navigating different faith journeys in marriage. And surviving.

One spouse sees the church quite differently now than they did when they were married. But this is causing their partner serious consternation and at times conflict. How to navigate the turbulent waters of different faith journeys and remain individually authentic and happily married. Well, mostly happy. That’s about the best most can hope for on a good day anyway. Right?


Friday, April 29, 2016, 7:30 pm


Home of Elizabeth and Mark England
1194 S. 500 E., SLC, UT

Please come in the back door if you arrive late. 

13046057_10207942136025621_1599764487_nAbout Walt and Lori Wood:

Each of these bios were written by the other, which gives a hint of one tool they use to navigate their faith differences—humor.

Lori Peterson Wood was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. After graduating at the top of her class from Bonneville high school, she attended Ricks College and then BYU where she promptly cashed in her tuition for a season ski pass and a spa membership. And so began her non intellectual journey into living a joy filled life. She bought for a chain of women’s clothing stores and loved buying trips to LA, NYC, and Dallas. She waited faithlessly (she dated every man who skied at Sundance that semester) for Walt to complete a mission after which they were promptly married in the Idaho Falls Temple. They took their time to start a family and by year 4.5 of marriage had four children. She gave up the glamour and excitement of buying to become a full-time mom. With four girls and two boys now all married and 21 grandchildren, she spends much of her time selling real estate rather than going crazy with all of the ‘littles,’ but still has enough time to be adored as ‘Mommers’ by all 21. Her ability to negotiate and facilitate real estate sales has her at the very top of agents in the Phoenix Metro East Valley. She has served as a YW President and Primary President among other things and has basically “been there, done that,” in church service. Her only sister has been in a same sex relationship most of her adult life and has been in part why the LGBT community/issues are so important to her. While the church shelf has been getting increasingly heavy with polygamy, race, history, and inequality, Lori hasn’t given up—or given in. She is outspoken, loyal, authentic and loves all—but especially her husband, Walt.

Also born in Idaho Falls, Walt, oddly enough, also attended Idaho Falls High School where he was a deadbeat student and social pariah. He and Lori dated in High School because she felt sorry for him—that, and as a senior, he was awarded the top honor of best student/athlete 1975. He served in the Italy-Rome mission where he finally learned how to talk to people as well as serving in the office and escorting GA’s through the Vatican. All the while becoming fluent in Italian and Spanish. After some college and other adventures he ended up building luxury homes. He doesn’t really like to get his hands dirty though, which makes things tough, but he has somehow figured out how to make a living thanks to the fiercely loyal and good people who work for him. Widely read and a deep thinker, Walt has had to dive especially deep this past year to keep his head above the marital water. Walt has also ‘been there, done that,’ in the Church—bishop, etc. Currently, he has served in the stake Presidency of the MESA, AZ Mountain View Stake for almost seven years, and it can’t get over fast enough for some members of his stake—especially Lori. He does do okay as a father, and loves being with his family when they let him on to where they are hanging out. He and Lori are on the board of ALL AZ, the largest LDS LGBT family and friends support group in Arizona. They have group meetings in their home, help facilitate larger LDS LGBT gatherings and are working hard to create a safe and loving space for LGBT individuals.


Having been married 38 years and experiencing faith quite differently, Lori and Walt will lead a discussion which delves into the challenges of spiritually mixed orientation—mixed faith—mixed up something  marriages. Their ability to maneuver within their nuanced views of Mormonism with humor, honesty, and love make them uniquely qualified to speak and discuss the pitfalls and best practices of marriage within modern Mormonism.

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