Friday, April 4: Just what is revelation?

Harrell 10Just in time for conference. This is a subject I’ve been chewing on ever since our first Faith Again with Jim McConkie. Charley seems perfect to address it. Thanks to Dan Wotherspoon for recommending him.

Dialogue lead: Charley Harrell

Time: Friday, April 4, 2014, 7:30 pm

Mark and Elizabeth England’s Home
1194 S 500 E | Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Mr. Harrell is an associate professor of engineering and technology at Brigham Young University and founder of ProModel Corporation, a company specializing in simulation and predictive analytics. He has authored or co-authored several books on the use of simulation in manufacturing and service industries. He is also a theological enthusiast who has authored doctrinal articles in BYU Studies, Studies in the Scriptures and the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. His most recent work is titled “This is My Doctrine,” The Development of Mormon Theology and is published by Kofford Books.

Preparation Materials:

Patriarchal Blessings

Grant Underwood, “Relishing the Revisions: Joseph Smith and the Revelatory Process,”

An Incarnational Model of Scripture

The Evolution of Mormon Doctrine

Truth in Revelation and Scripture

The Book of Abraham as Scripture

Questions for Discussion

  1. What constitutes revelation?
  2. What makes revelation the rock upon which the LDS Church is built?
  3. Is revelation infallible?
  4. How do we know whether a revelation is correct?
  5. What does revelation (e.g., scripture) tell us about the nature of revelation?
  6. What does the observational evidence tell us about the nature of revelation?
  7. How do we reconcile the self-testimony of revelation with the observational evidence about revelation?
  8. How does revelation occur and what role does the human receptor of revelation play in the revelatory process?
  9. Can individuals outside the Church receive legitimate revelations?
  10. Are they legitimate if they conflict with LDS revelations?
  11. How does prophetic revelation provide a model for personal revelation?
  12. Is revelation received according to our expectations or according to God’s view?