Compassionate Conversations

The bright and indefatigable Lindsay Hansen Park will join us Faith Again—again. Which is quite remarkable and appreciated since, as Acting Director of Sunstone, Lindsay just spent months of intense preparation for last weeks symposium.


Friday, August 4, 2017, 7:30-9:30 pm


Home of Elizabeth and Mark England
1194 S. 500 E., SLC, UT

Please come in the back door if you arrive late. 

The Discussion: 

Lindsay will share how she has developed the trust and respect of diverse individuals and groups by having thoughtful and compassionate conversations with them. From some of the most infamous fundamental polygamists to Community of Christ leadership, to exMormon scholars, to orthodox Mormon scholars, Lindsay has sincerely and tirelessly worked to understand people where they stand. She does this by building bridges and then walking across those bridges to meet people where they are.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Hansen Park is the Acting Director for the Salt Lake City non-profit Sunstone and blogs for about women’s issues inside and outside of the LDS Church. She is the main voice behind Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast, which has been recommended by New York Times Religion Reporter Laurie Goodstein. Her work and voice have been referenced in The Wall Street Journal, Prevail, The Salt Lake Tribune’s Trib Talk, City Weekly, and Quartz Magazine. As the Assistant Director of Sunstone, Park has been credited with expanding the Sunstone audience to be more diverse. The 2015 Sunstone Symposium was described as having “many contributors from the millennial generation, racially diverse communities, and non-Americans,” along with “the sea of white, gray-haired presenters and participants” that have frequented Sunstone’s events throughout its history.

In 2014, Park started the Year of Polygamy podcast, where she details the history of Mormon polygamy from the viewpoint of women. The podcast was referenced in a New York Times article on Leslie Olpin Petersen’s Forgotten Wives series of paintings.

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